City public transport in different ways depending on the city, for example in Tallinn, it operates from 6.00 to 23.00. You can read more here:


Taxis and fixed-route taxis are relatively inexpensive, payment is made only by the meter. Taxis can be ordered by phone, there is no separate order fee. Prices for landing, kilometer and minute of parking should be posted on the side window.
Estonia has a very developed network of intercity public transport. Trains, buses are modern and quite comfortable. Bus timetables can be found here: 
How to get from Russia?  
More developed traffic on the St. Petersburg line – Tallinn: several Eurolines buses per day, 7 hours. More information about the timetable and ticket prices can be found here: 
Distance from Tallinn by road: Moscow – 995 km, St. Petersburg – 362 km, Riga – 307 km, Vilnius – 599 km.
Automobile checkpoints with Russia: Narva/Ivangorod (St. Petersburg - Tallinn), Koidula/Kunichina Gora (Pskov-Tartu) and Luhamaa/Shumilkino (Pskov-Riga).
From 01.08.2011, when leaving the territory of Estonia for Russia on a private vehicle, a pre-registration system is in effect. Read more here: 

NB! If you have any questions related to transport, be sure to contact us and we will definitely help you.